Public Plots to adopt

Throughout town there are small public plots under signposts, at intersections, and around public buildings, that are waiting for your gardening talents to make them more beautiful.

Getting Started

To get started, all you need to do is:

  • If you pick a spot that needs planting, we need you to submit a plan for approval with your application.
  • Find a spot you'd like to adopt
  • Read the guidelines
  • Complete an Adopt-a-Spot Application (PDF)
  • Submit your signed application to
    Westbrook Land Use Office
    Mulvey Center
    866 Boston Post Road
    Westbrook, CT 06498
Man and woman planting and cleaning up public adopt a spot place

After Submitting Your Application

An Adopt-A-Spot team member will contact you to confirm your adopted spot and after you are able to:

  • Admire a sign recognizing your valued work after several weeks. 
  • If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please use the link to the right of this page to contact the manager for Adopt-A-Spot.
  • Pull the first weed or dig your first hole for a new plant in your adopted spot.

Thanks for making Westbrook a better place to live and work.



The general landscape development guidelines include:

  • Employ proper watering practices, especially during establishment period. Water deeply to soak root zone and force roots to go deep
  • Limit use of fertilizer to avoid over-stimulating plant growth which in turn increases water requirements
  •  Plant flowers in spring after chance of frost. Plant bulbs in the fall. Plant shrubs in spring or fall
  • Use dark brown shredded bark mulch to aid in retaining soil moisture
  • Use manures or compost as soil amendments to improve soil structure and increase water-retentive properties of soils
  • Use plant materials that are suitable for our climate, tolerate dry/ poor soils, require less water than most, and require a minimum of maintenance. Other desirable traits are limited susceptibility to insect and disease infestation and tolerance to salt exposure


The general maintenance guidelines include:

  • Biweekly
    • Dead head spent blooms
    • Remove litter
    • Remove weeds
  • Seasonally
    • Prune shrubs, if a flowering shrub, prune after flowering


Spatial considerations include

  • Clearance from the Edge of the Travel Lane - 
    • Curb or Guardrail should have five foot clearance necessary
  • Median Planting
    • No trees or shrubs with caliper four inches or greater
  • Island Planting 
    • Ultimate height of shrubs to be no greater than three feet


Call Westbrook Public Works Department to request debris pickup and mulch delivery. Please call a week before you need the pickup or delivery.