Eversource Info / Portable Generator Safety

                                                  Eversource Customers with Life Support Devices

Eversource has a free, voluntary program for those with life support devices. They will maintain a list of their customers who depend on commercial power for their equipment.

You will be notified by Eversource of scheduled outages, potential for severe weather outages and work with you on developing alternate plans and equipment ideas, i.e., generator.

Enrollment in the plan does NOT protect you from shut offs (lack of payment), power outages or priority restoration. Alternate power restoration is the responsibility of the user.

Reminder…. For a large-scale disaster, Westbrook’s Emergency Shelter and other locations with emergency power will offer ‘Charging Areas’. Devices can be plugged in for use and recharging. Upon registration, notify the Shelter Manager of any specific requests.

For more information about Eversource’s program, contact them toll free at 1-800-791-3369.

                                                                                Power Outages / Downed Wires

Call 1-800-286-2000 to report a power outage; valid 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

The Eversource operator will provide you with complete details on power loss and restoration.

ONLY CALL 911 to report downed wires and other true emergencies. This includes wires in the road or detached from a residence or building. The fire department will respond to all wires down calls. Do not call 911 to inquire when power will be restored. The 911 Center does not have this information.

STAY AWAY FROM ALL DOWNED WIRES! Do not attempt to touch them, drive over them or move them with any type of object.

If you are inside your vehicle and a wire falls on it, DO NOT GET OUT. Call 911 and wait until the fire department tells you it's safe to get out.

During an outage, Do NOT use candles at night. Candles can cause a fire. We recommend you use flashlights, battery operated candles and light sticks.

Light sticks can be found in Walmart and other retailers in the camping section. They are inexpensive, have a long shelf life, cool to the touch and can light up a large area. One light stick will illuminate an area for 8-12 hours.

Go to Eversource Website for more information on their services including tips and videos about safety for children, using a home generator and much more!

                                                                              Lights OUT >> Generator ON


Please review the video from Eversource on choosing a portable generator and using it safely.

Improper use can hurt or kill you, your family or Eversource workers in your neighborhood, while restoring power lines and equipment.