Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapy

The Westbrook Visiting Nurses licensed therapist will:

  • Plan a rehabilitation program under the direction of the physician;
  • Provide skilled therapy services such as a home exercise program, instructions in the proper use of durable medical equipment, and modification of home management skills and cognitive training;
  • Teach clients and caregivers to carry out selected aspects of the rehabilitation program between therapy visits; and
  • Complete a home safety evaluation with recommendations to make the home environment safer.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is designed to help you regain or develop everyday skills for an independent and productive life. The Westbrook, Ct Visiting Nurses provides occupational therapy to patients with permanent or temporary impairments that diminish physical or mental abilities to perform routine tasks around the home.

By teaching you how to safely use various techniques and equipment, your licensed occupational therapist will help you recover daily functions like grooming, cooking and eating, managing medications and more.

Speech Therapy

At its core, speech therapy helps you regain the basics of speaking, primarily through oral motor exercises, audio-visual aids and alternative communication devices.

VNA’s speech therapy program also extends beyond verbal communication. We evaluate and treat conditions that affect chewing and swallowing, memory, language processing, hearing and more. If you have been afflicted with dysphasia, stroke, cancer, multiple sclerosis or any other condition that impacts speech abilities, Westbrook Visiting Nurses can help.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the use of exercise and other targeted activities that help condition your muscles to restore strength and movement. Westbrook Visiting Nurses provide physical therapy to patients with injuries, deformities or disabilities, and severe weaknesses caused by surgery, including total knee and total hip replacements.

Our physical therapy program is designed to help you restore capabilities in the following areas:

  • General or specific movement;
  • Balance;
  • Using stairs; and
  • Navigating around architectural barriers and obstacles in the home.

Westbrook Visiting Nurses physical therapists also provide these other helpful services:

  • Home safety assessments; and
  • Patient/caregiver instruction and education.