How do I Remove a Motor Vehicle from the Grand List?

Two forms of proof are required in order to remove, or pro-rate, a vehicle you no longer own, from the Grand List.  The first form of proof to be presented, MUST be, the plate receipt from DMV showing that you have cancelled the plate.  This can be done online at, or done at the DMV itself.  The second form of proof, will be something that tells us what you did with the vehicle.  This could be a Bill of Sale, Trade-in Papers, Out of State Registration, etc.  

A full list of acceptable forms of proof can be found by clicking here document [Original Size].  

If you do not have a copy of any of these documents, a Motor Vehicle Affidavit, may be filled out and returned to the Assessor's Office.  The Affidavit can be downloaded here:  document [Original Size]

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1. How do I Remove a Motor Vehicle from the Grand List?
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