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Plan of Conservation & Development

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Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Commission

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Heidi Wallace, Ext 1125

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

To express your opinion on any matters that come before the Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Commission, please email us at


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Marilyn Ozols, Chairperson
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Eric Reeve
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Tammy Niedzwiecki, Alternate
The Commission generally meets the second Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Multi-Media Room of the Mulvey Municipal Center. See Commission Meeting Schedule . All Commission Agendas and Commission Minutes are posted on the website.
One of the main functions of the Commission is the compilation of the Plan of Conservation and Development. The recently updated 2011 Plan provides the framework for guiding growth to maintain and improve Westbrook in ways its citizens find most desirable. All proposed municipal improvements, special permit applications and proposed amendments to the Zoning Regulations are reviewed for consistency with the Plan. While the recommendations in the Plan of Conservation and Development are advisory, basing decisions for the Town\'s future on a comprehensive plan increases the likelihood of retaining qualities that make the town special and attaining desired goals. By state statute, the Plan must be updated every 10 years in order to be eligible for state discretionary funding.
The Commission has regulatory jurisdiction over the subdivision of land. Subdivision is defined as the division of a tract or parcel of land into three (3) or more lots. The Subdivision Regulations are intended to ensure that land, when subdivided can be used for building purposes without danger to health and safety or degradation of the environment. An important component of subdivision plans is the laying out of new town roads and designation of Open Space within new residential developments.
Click here to express your opinion on any matters that come before the Commission. You must include your full name, local address and phone number.

Zoning and Regulations

Zoning Official

Zoning Offical, Lisa DeMaria Ext 1132

Monthly Meetings

Zoning Commission
4th Tuesday of the month
7:00pm, Multi-Media Room
Zoning Minutes & Agendas
Zoning Board of Appeals
4th Wednesday of the month
7:30pm, Multi-Media Room
Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes & Agendas

Land Conservation Trust

Incorporated 1968

P.O. BOX 1124, Westbrook CT 06498-1124

The Westbrook Land Conservation Trust came into being at a time when there was a great deal of concern over the rapid development of the ecologically valuable salt marshes. With the donation of a privately held piece of salt marsh on Hammock Rd. the Land Trust was incorporated in 1968.

Since incorporation through May, 2012 the Land Trust has concentrated on the preservation of open space by acquiring 30 parcels totaling over 139 acres. Most of this land has come our way by donation from individuals and developers. One strategic piece of marsh on the Boston Post Rd. was purchased outright by the Land Trust. Additionally a conservation easement was granted for 51 acres.

Westbrook Land Conservation Trust is a tax exempt organization under Federal code 501(c)(3). Contributions can be land or financial through outright gifts, by will, gifts of remainder interest or by conservation easement.

The Westbrook Land Conservation Trust is made up of people, our neighbors, who collectively form a private corporation dedicated to helping preserve our natural resources and rural aspect of our town. The Land Trust offers the citizens of our community the opportunity to guarantee, in perpetuity, that the land they treasure for environmental reasons will be cared for according to their wishes.

The Land Trust cooperates with the Town through the Land Use Commissions, and the Forest and Conservation commissions in for open space.

The Land Trust also works with the State of Connecticut and adjoining towns to create Greenways. Greenways are preserved pieces of land owned by the state, towns, conservation commissions and other Land Trusts that connect to each other.

Westbrook Conservation Commission

The new Westbrook Conservation Commission website is under construction

The Westbrook Conservation Commission currently has several Open Space initiatives and different activities, including

  1. Open Space Planning
    1. Developing an Open Space Plan based on POCD Open Space Vision
    2. Identify and prioritize lands essential for protecting water resources, establishment of Greenways, and watershed management
    3. Link open spaces with greenways and trails; locally and regionally
  2. Open Space Management
    1. Salt Island Overlook; Restore coastal forest; Control invasive plants
    2. Salt Island: Protect coastal bird nesting sites; stabilize erosion caused by coastal storms
    3. Horse Hill Woods; parking area of storm Sandy damage.
    4. Horse Hill Gorge; Identify, develop parking area;
    5. Chapman Mill Pond; Design parking area; Protect vernal pools; Clear and fill ruts on emergency road; Protect lake water quality
    6. Standard Woods; Post No Hunting/Motorized Vehicle signs
    7. Town Forest: Work with Forest Commission on curbing ATV use
    8. Continue efforts to curb ATV and other motorized vehicle use on Town owned Open Space Lands
    9. Maintenance of Open Space Trails; Update trail marking; Utilize GPS for mapping and posting on Town Website; clear damage from storm Sandy
  3. Organize community groups to assist with open space management.
    1. Formation of a "Friends of Westbrook\'s Barrier Islands" Group to assist Commission, DEEP and US Fish and Wildlife to manage Salt Island, Duck Island, and Menunketesuck Island all severely eroded by Hurricane Sandy;
    2. Implement cooperative agreement with Oxford Academy to control invasive plants on Salt Island Overlook
  4. Environmental Education
    1. Management of native plantings in Mulvey River Bank Restoration and Environmental Education Project Area
    2. Sponsor/Conduct Invasive Plant Workshops
  5. Research and Advisory recommendations for Town Land Use Commissions
  6. Partner with Municipal, State, Federal and regional agencies to manage town and regional natural resources; includes Adopt-a-Spot, Garden Club, Planning and Inland Wetland Commissions; DEEP; USFWL Stuart B. McKinney Wildlife National Refuge, CT River Estuary RPA;

Joint Town Center Revitalization Committee and Economic Development Commission

TCRC/EDC 2017 Meeting Schedule