Election update for 2021

Pursuant to the Senate Bill 1202 of the June Special Session 2021, COVID-19 may be used as a valid reason for requesting an application for an absentee ballot for any Primary, Election or Referendum held before November 3, 2021.   

Absentee Ballot Applications are available online, in the Town Clerk's Office (866 Boston Post Road) and online at the office of the secretary of the state: elections division.

Registering to Vote

If you are not a registered voter and wish to vote in Westbrook, contact the Registrar of Voters office and complete a Voter Registration Card.   


If you are a real estate/personal property owner in the Town of Westbrook and your property is assessed for at least $1,000 or more, you may vote in a referendum. 

Property owners should also obtain an assessment verification form from the town Assessor when requesting absentee ballot.