Plan of Conservation & Development

The Westbrook Planning Commission is in the process of updating the 1990 Plan of Conservation and Development. It is the goal of the Planning Commission to create a plan that unites and inspires the community to implement it.

An aerial shot of Westbrook

Plan History & Update Process

An effort in 1998 led to meaningful changes in land use policy but did not result in a formal plan. An update of the Plan is now required every 10 years in order for the Town to be eligible for discretionary state funding. Work on the Plan began in August 2008 with a public workshop to identify issues of importance to the community. 

The Commission is working with the planning consulting firm, Planimetrics, Inc. to prepare the Plan. In November 2008, a Steering Committee was formed to work directly with the consultant to formulate the Plan. The Steering Committee is comprised of a diverse group of community members and representatives from various boards and commissions. 

In addition to work with the Steering Committee, several public workshops are planned to involve residents and property owners at each stage of the process. This important Plan will establish a common vision for the future of Westbrook and recommend policies that will help attain that vision. The Plan must be completed by 2010.

Planning Themes

Upon completion of an analysis of Existing Conditions and Trends and a Build-out Analysis, the Planning themes that will be addressed include:

Conservation Strategies: What We Want to Protect or Preserve

  • Coastal Resources
  • Community Character
  • Historic Resources
  • Natural Resources
  • Open Space / Parks

Development Strategies: How We Want to Guide Growth or Development

  • Business Development
  • Overall Community Structure / Neighborhoods
  • Residential Development / Housing Needs
  • Town Center

Infrastructure Strategies: What Services and Facilities We Need to Enhance the Community & Support Desired Growth

  • Community Facilities
  • Non-Vehicular Transportation
  • Utility Infrastructure
  • Vehicular Transportation

Resident Participation

Westbrook residents are encouraged to participate in the planning process by providing input at public workshops and by giving feedback through this website. All draft documents will be posted on the website for comment.

LED Streetlights Feedback Flyer (PDF)

LED Streetlight Feedback Flyer

LED Streetlight Feedback

For information on the LED Streetlight Program please visit Westbrook Energy News.

More Information

To learn more, contact the Town Planner, at 860-399-3047, ext. 126, or email Meg Parulis.