HOW TO PREPARE                              

                                                              Disaster Kit / Disaster Plan

 Every family needs to have the basics to prepare for any type of emergency. FEMA’s website has complete information about disaster kits, disaster plans and other helpful resources for you, your family and your pets.

Plan to have 5-7 days of supplies in your home and/or other locations to keep you self sufficient.

Every kit and plan will be different based upon household members and their needs. In addition, it will change over the years, as the household changes.

Pet Reminder: Westbrook Emergency Shelters will accept a healthy dog or cat only but you need to have a crate, leash and food for them.  Exception: Service Dog, no crate required as the dog remains with the handler at all times.

Develop and build your kits and plans with all family members. This is a great family project. 

Expensive?…NOT…you will learn you have so many items already in your home. You only need to group them together. Share ideas with others and you will see how better prepared you have become.

For more information go to Disaster Kits and Disaster Plans