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Town of Westbrook I.T. Department

The Town Hall Information Technology (IT) Department is a part-time position supporting the administrative departments located primarily within the Town Hall complex, along with providing support to Parks and Recreation, Youth and Family Services, Public Works (Town Garage) and the Westbrook Public Library. Not within scope of the IT Department are the Fire Department or the Westbrook Public School System.

If you would like to contact the Website Administrator, please use the contact link on the directory to the right or the contact information at the bottom of every webpage.

Cyber Attackers always worked from Home

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic spreading around the world, many of us have had to adapt our lives to accommodate the new reality. Bad guys are no different. They’ve also adapted and are taking advantage of this pandemic to launch cyber attacks.

The biggest opportunity for cyber attackers with this outbreak has nothing to do with technology, but with how humans change their behavior and patterns in response to the crisis.

Phishing/Malware Distribution using COVID-19 Themes

As with other high-profile events, attackers are taking advantage of the high amount of attention paid to COVID-19 to lure victims into opening attachments on malicious emails and click on phishing links. This is not a single attack or event campaign, but widespread use of virus-related themes. Malicious emails using subjects containing COVID-19 and related keywords carrying Remote Administration Tools (RATs) like NetWire, NanoCore, and LokiBot, as well as other malware have been identified.

  • Latest corona-virus updates
  • POEA HEALTH ADVISORY re-2020 Novel Corona Virus

Example file attachment names include:

  • Coronavirus COVID-19 upadte.xlsx
  • covid19.ZIP

Neither of these lists is exhaustive and new variants on these themes will undoubtedly quickly emerge. Expect these to continue in the coming weeks and months. As the news evolves, the attackers will adapt. Simultaneously we will see the same attacks using common themes related to tax filing, invoices, and shipping orders.

Fake Applications

As people seek out information about COVID-19, how it is impacting them, and how they can stay safe?  Many are looking to their smartphone for help. There have already been multiple cases reported of malicious Android applications that claim to offer information about the virus. These allow the attacker to spy on you through your devices, or encrypt your device and hold it for ransom.

As always, Android users should not install applications from untrusted sources (stick to the Google Play store) and iPhone users should not jailbreak their phones and install apps from third-party sources (stick to the Apple App Store).

COVID-19 Themed Domain Names

In the past few weeks, thousands (in fact over 100,000) of domains have been registered containing terms like “covid,” “virus”, and “corona.”  Obviously, not all of these will be malicious, but all of them should be treated as suspect. Whether they claim to have information, a testing kit, or a cure, the fact that the website didn’t exist until the pandemic became news should make you very skeptical of their validity.

Just practice what you’ve been made aware of in the Cyber Security class and normal suspicious-looking emails & attachments should NOT be opened.

Think you've been compromised?
Cybercriminals are working in organized teams and often send phishing emails offering to ‘sign people up’ for various offerings.  If we as advocates and digital navigators take the time to report to the FTC and the FBI, then it becomes more likely that rings of cybercriminals can be taken down.
If you encounter a situation , you can report the following ways:
  • If the solicitation was by phone that is a ‘common scam’ and you can report the phone number that called you to the FTC or by calling: 877-382-4357 (TTY: 1-866-653-4261)
  • If the solicitation was received via email it should be reported to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) When you complete the IC3 Victim Information form you will not receive a copy of your submission so you can take a screenshot or a photo of the submission for your records.
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Internet Service Providers in Westbrook, Connecticut:

Here's a helpful link to help you get information on Internet access available in the Westbrook, Ct area:  click_here_green Opens in new window

Internet Access In Westbrook, Ct.

The overall most commonly available wired broadband options within Westbrook are DSL networks as well as Cable lines. DSL has a 96.74 percent territory, in contrast to the near one hundred percent Cable penetration. 

Westbrook is the 56th most connected city in Connecticut ahead of Old Lyme, Clinton, Essex, and Ivoryton, but behind Old Saybrook.
Approximately 700 people in Middlesex  County don't have access to any wired internet.
Approximately 97% of Westbrook residents are serviced by multiple wired providers.