What color of light are LED streetlight fixtures?

Compared to the more orange light (2200-Kelvin on a color scale) that High Pressure Sodium (HPS) fixtures produce, LED streetlight fixtures are a cooler, white light under which it is easier to see true colors. Westbrook’s Energy Committee plans to use whiter 3000-Kelvin LEDs, similar to those in Old Saybrook and Madison, not the 4000-Kelvin LEDs in Clinton, which are more blue-white. The American Medical Association has recommended 3000-Kelvin for streetlight LEDs and Eversource also plans to install 3000-Kelvin fixtures in communities not installing their own LED fixtures. 

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1. What kind of streetlights does Westbrook currently use?
2. What are LED streetlights?
3. What color of light are LED streetlight fixtures?
4. Why might the new LED fixtures appear to be dimmer to some?
5. Did the Town explore other options, such as wireless controls for dimming and solar-powered LED streetlight fixtures?
6. Why is Westbrook doing an LED streetlight conversion project?
7. Why not let Eversource replace the existing HPS cobra head fixtures instead of the Town purchasing and replacing them?
8. How many streetlights is Westbrook replacing with the LED streetlight conversion project?
9. How much will Westbrook likely save when it upgrades to LED streetlight fixtures?
10. How long will the project last?
11. What does the project involve?
12. Where are the pilot fixtures being installed?
13. What is Westbrook doing with all of the streetlights it is removing?
14. How do I find more information about the LED streetlight conversion project?
15. Who do I contact to report streetlights that are out, flickering, or on during the day?