Where did the awesome Westbrook pictures come from?

The Town of WestPicture_Roger_Charbonneau_Jrbrook is lucky to have a wonderful native

photographer, Roger Charbonneau Jr., who has shared some 

of his works with the us.

His website and many more pictures of the Westbrook Shoreline 

can be viewed and purchased here....https://rogerspix.smugmug.com/Westbrook-Connecticut/

To contact Roger or connect through social media:

Roger's Pix Photography

Connecticut based photographer. For usage licensing contact him at rogerspix88@gmail.com

Follow him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/rogerspix.smugmug and message-envelope-email-128Facebook IconTwitter IconTwitter at @rogerspix88.         

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3. Where did the awesome Westbrook pictures come from?
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